Team Manuela

Honour Manuela Riedo’s memory by joining Team Manuela
at Run Galway Bay this October.


On the 10th Anniversary of her sad and premature passing, The Manuela Riedo Foundation Ireland (MRFI) seek 1,000 people to walk or run one of the Galway Bay events on October 7th this year and to raise €100 each for Team Manuela to leave a lasting legacy through the ongoing Manuela Programme and ancillary agency funding.



Join Team Manuela for the Galway Bay 10k. Help us raise €100,000 for the following:


Roll out of “Manuela Programme” – A national Sexual Violence Prevention Pilot Programme for 15-17-year-olds in 120 secondary schools across Ireland. 

Counselling, Training, and Advocacy 

For services and projects in Galway, Mayo, and Dundalk Rape Crisis Centres & the National CARI (Children and Risk in Ireland ) service.

Galway Rape Crisis Centre 

Crisis Counselling waiting list reduction.


This will be the largest fundraising campaign that the Foundation has undertaken and will supplement monies raised thus far, towards maintaining funded projects, services, and counseling that are so vital in providing support to the victims and survivors of sexual assault and rape in Ireland.


This has been made possible by the kindness, talents, efforts of many many within the Galway local and business communities and throughout Ireland since the Manuela Riedo Foundation Ireland was set up in 2009. The European funding for the transition year sexual violence prevention programme (to be 2/3 Galway schools in 2018) will allow us, as a charity, to now take a step back.So we are asking you, for one last time, to help us enrich Manuela’s legacy.

The Manuela Riedo Foundation Ireland

The MRFI is a 100% voluntary organization that provides support and funding in Ireland to agencies working in the areas of education, awareness, prevention, and healing of victims of rape and sexual assault. Manuela’s parents Arlette and Hans Peter continue to serve as patrons of the Manuela Riedo Foundation Ireland and are fully engaged and supportive of the work of the Foundation.


The Foundation has raised a cumulative €290,000 since its inception in 2009 and is now redoubling its efforts to continue to support the heroic efforts of agencies such as the Galway Rape Crisis Centre (GRCC), the Mayo Rape Crisis Centre (MRCC), Rape Crisis North East, Children at Risk in Ireland (CARI) and the Sexual Assault Treatment Unit (SATU) at the Rotunda Hospital in Dublin.


Working with the Department of Education and Tusla, the Child and Family Agency, the funding will also ensure continuing development and piloting of a sexual violence prevention and education Manuela Programme initiated in 2015 and aimed at transition year students.


Another key target of the Foundation is to clear the waiting list at the Galway Rape Crisis Centre, its first agency partner, which currently has 22 clients on its list with a waiting time of 4 months. This additional funding will enable the GRCC to shorten waiting times thereby making a significant difference to clients’ lives.



The Final Event

You can assist our efforts greatly by logging onto our race link (below) and signing up to raise €100 sponsorship as a member of Team Manuela. If another 999 like minded souls match your generosity we will be well on our way to our funding target of €100,000 which will allow us to continue to support this vital work in the years ahead. Galway Bay on the 7th of October will be the final team event; anyone wishing to be involved with such a worthy charity is encouraged to do so for this significant final event. You can register today to walk or run the 10km, half marathon or full marathon along the beautiful Galway Prom with Team Manuela. Registration is now open at


Breathtaking, amazing, spectacular, friendly and fun are just some of the words used by participants when describing this unique event. What makes it unique? The course straddles the quaint Latin Quarter of Galway City, the famous Claddagh Quay, and the majestic coast road with its panoramic views of the Burren in County Clare across the Atlantic waters of Galway Bay – very few marathons worldwide can boast such a pretty mix of scenic views. Walk or Run the 10K, Half Marathon or Full Marathon on 7th October 2017.


With the option of 10K, Half Marathon and Full Marathon there’s a distance to suit everyone!



Together we will fund the following projects in 2016/ 2017:


Waiting list reduction in Galway Rape Crisis Centre

At present, there are 14 people on the long term counseling waiting list. MRFI will seek to raise funds in 2016 to take these clients off the waiting list and fund long term healing through counseling. This is a significant decrease from 2013 where there was on average 45 people on the list. The average wait has also significantly decreased from 1 year to 5 months on average. This is directly due to the impact of ongoing grants from the MRFI foundation for this project. Through counseling, the Centre offers social support to survivors and helps them examine how the experience of sexual violence or abuse they went through has affected their lives. The center provides a quality professional and confidential counseling service in a caring environment.



Mayo Rape Crisis Centre


MRFI will seek to fund a 60 hour Rape Crisis Network Ireland specialised training to already qualified accredited therapists, in the Mayo area, to enable them to work as volunteer counsellors in the Mayo Rape Crisis Centre. By training additional volunteer counsellors the Mayo Rape Crisis Centre could reduce the current waiting list in the Centre, therefore enabling survivors to be seen quicker.



North East Helpline


Funds from MRFI will train 10 helpline volunteers available to provide counseling support and information over the helpline. This will give immediate access to a wider range of women and men who need crisis intervention. The helpline support will be accessible by all including the unemployed, low-income families, the disadvantaged, those with disabilities, the elderly, the young, those from rural and urban communities and those with little or if any educational backgrounds. This training will assist in increasing the number of people availing of Rape Crisis North East counseling and support. With the availability of additional trained helpline volunteers, the service will increase and be advertised in Louth, Meath, Monaghan, and Cavan.



CASATS in partnership with CARI, – Child Advocate Volunteer Training

Child and Adolescent Sexual Assault Treatment Service West and Mid West Ireland & Child At Risk in Ireland


This project builds on a pilot study 2014-2016 funded by the Manuela Riedo Foundation Ireland. The child and adolescent sexual assault treatment service, in Galway (CASATS), provides forensic medical examination to child victims of sexual violence 24 hours/day, 365 days/year. It is the only such unit in Ireland. It is proposed that every child of 14 years under engaging with the service, and their carer/s, will be assigned a volunteer CARI support worker to accompany them whilst they attend the Unit offering immediate practical and psychological support.



Child At Risk in Ireland & SATU Rotunda Hospital Dublin – Sexual Assault Treatment Unit

Child Advocate Volunteer and Accompaniment Service


Children 15 years and under in age fall outside the remit of Dublin Rape Crisis Centre (RCC) and cannot avail of RCC crisis support or the subsequent counseling offered to older victims. CARI’s forensic accompaniment service is well fitted to provide emotional and psychological support for such children.


CARI will set up a service to accompany children 14 years and under to the Rotunda SATU. This accompaniment service will complement the existing RCC adult accompaniment. The service will run 24 hours a day, 365 days a week. A CARI aftercare service will also ensure that such support is continued in the weeks and months following SATU attendance if the child and family feel such help is indicated.


A similar pilot project has been in place through the Child and Adolescent Sexual Assault Treatment Service (CASATS) in Galway, from 2014, aimed at younger child victims. The success of the project in Galway (helped by funding from MRFI in 2014) and positive feedback from service users (patients and their carers) has demonstrated the feasibility and need for such a service.


It is envisaged that the CARI project in the SATU, Rotunda Hospital, in conjunction with that already in place in Galway will play an important part in the ultimate establishment of similar support services for child victims of sexual abuse throughout Ireland.




Funding for National Conference of Sexual Assault Treatment Units


This conference to be held in Galway, October 2016, will bring together a multidisciplinary team of professionals in the field with expert national and international specialist speakers. This training day/ conference brings both international and national best practice to those working in frontline positions of forensics, policing, care, therapy and medical practice.


This will be the 6th consecutive year that MRFI will fund this important project.



The Manuela Programme October 2015 to date

Initiating, Funding & Developing


In October 2015, all 16 Rape Crisis Centres throughout Ireland sent delegates to a two-day conference in Galway, funded and hosted by The Manuela Riedo Foundation Ireland. This was the first step in harnessing their expertise to build a nationwide, comprehensive, evidence-based education programme targeting 15-16-year-old transition year students in the area of sexual violence prevention. The outcome of this conference and continued research, ‘The Manuela Programme’, has the potential to be a powerful prevention programme to reduce sexual violence by empowering the young participants with the necessary skills, knowledge, and behaviors. It is a 6 module/ 12-hour class based engagement with students by Rape Crisis Centre educators/trainers and specially trained teachers and counselors.


The programme draws on best practice from Rape Crisis Centres as well as building on international evidence in the field.



For further information contact Shane Lennon:


Phone: 00 353 87 289 7957