Music for Manuela, a 10th Anniversary commemoration
Next Sunday evening , the 8th of October, St Nicholas’ Collegiate Church will host over e

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Manuela’s Story

“Manuela was the centre of our life and our sunshine. We are proud of her. She was always a polite, courteous, attentive and cheerful girl who was loved by everyone..”
Hans Peter & Arlette Riedo

Manuela Riedo was just seventeen years old when her life was brutally taken in Galway on the 7th October 2007. She along with her college friends from Fribourg, Switzerland, were just two days into a two week language and cultural stay in the West of Ireland.

Honour Manuela Riedo’s memory by joining Team Manuela
in the Galway Bay 10k this October. Find out more HERE.

Manuela is they only child of Hans Peter and Arlette Riedo. It was her first journey away from home without her parents. They live in the small rural village of Hinterkappelen, just a few kilometres north of Bern. Manuela was in her first year of a Business and Social Administration course at college in the City of Fribourg, located about 30 minutes from where she lived. Before travelling to Ireland she, as part of her studies, had just completed a work placement with a social outreach service that helped prisoners and offenders reintegrate into society. Her job also brought her into contact with families of those serving prison sentences.

It was work she enjoyed and thought worthwhile. Her manager said of her that for such a young person she displayed an “empathy, good humour and professionalism” during her time with them. Manuela had hopes of working in areas such as this, in helping others less fortunate than her. She genuinely wished to become an advocate for the vulnerable and the downtrodden.

Manuela loved music, her favourite song was “1973” by the English singer songwriter James Blunt. Her parents, after her death, found some Irish Music CDs among in her collection. She no doubt had been planning and looking forward very much to her Irish adventure.

Manuela’s death in Galway that October 2007 shocked, repulsed and numbed a nation. Her community back in Switzerland and Hinterkappelen too found it hard to come to terms with how such a young life could encounter such evil on what was her first real trip into to the world alone.

In October 2009, two short years after Manuela’s death Arlette and Hans Peter Riedo returned to Galway and the west of Ireland as guests of honour of a fundraising concert in memory of their daughter. As with Hans Peter and Arlette’s wishes, all monies raised that night and in every subsequent event have been spent in Galway and in Ireland funding professional services who help young victims of sexual violence and rape along with those working in the area of education and prevention. This is their daughter’s legacy.

Since then Manuela’s parents have travelled many times to Galway and the West of Ireland. They have attended each year at the Night for Manuela, have walked the Connemarathon and have been known to enjoy a pint and dance among friends to the lilt of “A Galway Girl” in O’Connor’s Pub in Salthill. They have formed a close bond of friendship with many they now call their “Irish Family”. Each trip to Ireland elicits a strange emotion in them, but they continue to come. They have said they feel Manuela’s presence and spirit in the skies and winds above Galway Bay. The Claddagh Ring emblem of loyalty, love and friendship, a symbol of Galway, adorns Manuela’s gravestone in Hinterkappelen.

Arlette and Hans Peter are, and continue to be, two very inspirational people. They are patrons of the Manuela Riedo Foundation Ireland.

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Charity Information

The present Board of Directors of The Manuela Riedo Foundation Ireland are: Bernie O’Connell (Chair) Dr. Paul Anglim Eoin Durkin Patrick Durkin Tracey Ferguson Olivia Hamrock Shane Lennon Hilary Molloy Dr. Joanne Nelson Ray O’Connor Sandra Waldron   Charity Registration Number: Registered Charity – 18806 The Manuela Riedo Foundation Ireland Ltd is a not for […]

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Projects Funded

In 2016 The Foundation will seek to fund the following 7 projects. The Manuela Programme October 2015 to date Initiating, Funding & Developing In October 2015, all 16 Rape Crisis Centres throughout Ireland sent delegates to a two day conference in Galway, funded and hosted by The Manuela Riedo Foundation Ireland. This was the first […]

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Team Manuela

Honour Manuela Riedo’s memory by joining Team Manuela at Run Galway Bay this October. On the 10th Anniversary of her sad and premature passing, The Manuela Riedo Foundation Ireland (MRFI) seek 1,000 people to walk or run one of the Galway Bay events on October 7th this year and to raise €100 each for Team […]

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